Psychedelic Treatment as an Investment

We think it's helpful to think about psychedelic treatment as an investment. What would it mean for you to be in remission? What would it mean if that could happen in a month? With research showing success rates for even the most resistant disorders at 80-90%, we think psychedelics are a safe bet. We would even say psychedelics are cost effective compared to expensive rehabs, hospital stays, or intensive outpatient (IOP/PHP) programs that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Also consider that you likely spend a fair part of your monthly budget on therapy, psychiatry, and meds. You might only pay your deductible and copays, but those costs are usually life long. While psychedelic healing costs more right now, traditional methods cost more in the long run (not to mention you suffer for longer!)


Ketamine (Clinical, 8 sessions)

Husky/medicaid: $310

Out of Pocket: $6,100-$7,200

Cost determination: 8, three hour sessions (24 total), 12 hours of preparation and integration time, 1 psychiatric intake, 2 psychiatric follow ups, travel.

Trip Sitting (Non-Clinical, 1 session)

Journeys lasting up to 6 hours: $400

Journeys lasting up to 8 hours: $480

Additional Hours: $40

Cost Determination: non clinical hourly rate, 4 hours of preparation and integration, 6-8 hours of sitting time, travel. 

Why Does it Cost so Much?

Unfortunately, ketamine assisted therapy is not yet covered by insurance, so most if not all of the cost is out of pocket. Some insurances may provide for a small amount of the cost, but that is determined on a case by case basis.

Ketamine assisted therapy is short term, but we give you a lot of our time: over 10 hours per week. Regular therapy is just 1 hour! 

We charge you our typical hourly rates that we would bill insurance companies. We don't charge you a special rate for this service (though many ketamine providers will do just that!)

Charging a fair rate ensures that we can provide the same, quality care to all, regardless of their income, by offering our services at almost no charge to clients who qualify for medicaid. 

Why Does it Cost so Little?

For those of you who are familiar with Ketamine Therapy rates, you might be asking why so little? Ketamine can cost up to and beyond $10,000.

First, we know that a certain percentage of our clients will be able to have insurance reduce some of the cost.

Second, we use a low cost ketamine lozenge that you can self administer instead of intravenous (IV) ketamine. IV ketamine requires an expensive machine and an expensive  M.D. Level provider to administer.

Finally, some providers see KAT as an opportunity to price gouge. They think, why not just hook a patient up to an IV in the next room and rake in the cash while I do my notes?