Don't Get Scammed

What do ketamine scams look like?

A doctor/psychiatrist hooking patients up to an IV drip of ketamine and leaving the patient alone in the room.

Online services that either simply prescribe ketamine by mail order without therapy
or online services that do therapy over telehealth

Nasal spray ketamine clinics where a client is given a nasal spray of ketamine and then left under the influence alone in a cubical in a room full of other KAT patients.

The most common scam involves an MD charging $8,000-$10,000 out of pocket only to dump the patient in a nearby room, while the doctor goes off to do his paperwork!

Questions You Should ask a Ketamine Assisted Therapist

How much training do they have?

Did the therapist go to advanced training? 

How many hours of training do they have?

Are they certified by a training program?

Did they get hand on experience with the medicine as part of their training?

Many therapists doing ketamine treatment have little or no formal training and pose a threat to the safety of clients. Ketamine therapy requires practitioners to re-learn how they deliver therapy. It requires a new understanding of ethics, boundaries, safety, role of the therapist, not to mention specialized techniques.

Doing this work should never be done lightly. Avoid therapists who:
Dodge questions about qualifications
Think their regular therapy training already qualifies them to do the work
Consider it ok to experiment with this type of therapy
Practice alone

Will you get preparation and integration sessions?

"Set and setting" are said to be the most important part of ensuring a productive ketamine trip. Preparation sessions help you to identify goals and intentions for the trip, as well as mentally prepare.

Integration sessions are critical for helping you bring the insights and healing from your ketamine session into your daily life. Without integration, you can't have lasting change

Don't fall for scam treatments that only give you the medicine and no therapy!

How involved will your therapist be?

Research shows that ketamine medication alone is not enough. Studies have compared ketamine treatment alone vs with a therapist and found that only when therapy is concurrent do we see incredible, long lasting results.

Ketamine can bring up existential, spiritual, and other crises that one should not have to experience without a qualified therapist and the TLC that comes with having someone bedside

You should always have a therapist with you at all times!