Trip Sitting

What is Trip Sitting?

Embarking on a psychedelic journey can be daunting. Having a warm, knowledgeable bedside presence can make all the difference for your experience. 

Trip sitting is a non-clinical peer service. A sitter guides and supports someone who is taking a psychedelic. They provide emotional support like a hand to hold, encouragement, and help keeping the journey focused on the client's intention. They also provide logistical support like getting water, ensuring there is no interruptions, and basic safety. 

Trip Sitting is BYOP: Bring Your Own Psychedelic

The Science of Psychedelics

Psilocybin and Depression

Studies show that 2 psilocybin assisted sessions can cause depression remission in up to 75% of patients with treatment resistant depression.

Davis et al. (2020)

Psilocybin and End of Life

Gabrielle et al. (2020) found that about 70% of patients who were given psilocybin therapy had clinically significant antidepressant and ant-anxiety effects and that about 85% attributed these positive changes to the psilocybin journey.

MDMA and PTSD - an FDA Breakthrough

Feduccia et al. (2019) found in an FDA trial that MDMA assisted therapy greatly outperformed SSRI's in the treatment of depression both in how much it reduced PTSD symptoms and dropout rates & side effects. 

The FDA has identified MDMA as a breakthrough treatment based on the incredible success of MDMA assisted therapy's success in FDA phase 1&2 controlled trials. 

Rick Doblin on MDMA Therapy